Services we provide

Services we provide

Personal Care - We can provide assistance with personal care tasks such as:

  • Washing
  • Shaving (not wet shaving)
  • Oral care
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Continence care
  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Medication management
  • Getting up and going to bed

Other services - We can provide assistance with the following:

  • Making and changing bed clothes
  • Shopping
  • Paying service / utility bills
  • Household management
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Preparing meals & advising on healthy eating
  • Cleaning and vacuuming
  • Pursuing personal interests, hobbies and leisure activities
  • Companionship

Care needs assessment

Before a client decides whether or not to take up our services their personal requirements will be discussed with them.

A personal care assessment will be undertaken by the Care Manager, with the involvement of the client and those close to them.

Information from the assessment will be used to create a Personal Care Plan, which will effect your needs and the outcomes you wish to achieve.


Meeting needs

Our Personal Assistants have the skills, experience and knowledge required to provide care

The skills and experience of PAs are matched to each client’s requirements and they will communicate effectively with the client, using their preferred method.

Our PAs are able to respond to your changing needs and preferences in a planned, agreed and carefully considered manner.


Responsive services

We provide a flexible, consistent and reliable personal care service.

Our PAs are reliable and dependable and are able to respond to a client’s needs and preferences as they arise on a day to day basis. We provide services in a way which meets the outcomes identified in the Personal Care Plan.

  • The PA will arrive at the client’s home at the time agreed and will stay for the full amount of time required. We will never rush or hurry you.
  • Upon arrival, the PA will ask whether you have any particular personal care needs or requirements on that visit.
  • We will aim to use the same PA or PAs to visit you wherever possible.


Personal information is handled appropriately and personal confidences will be respected.

All Rangeford Care employees have a duty to keep your information strictly confidential and to use it only for the proper purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. We will only disclose information with your consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

Personal data held on computer or paper records may be reviewed as part of the inspection and regulation process, including inspectors working on behalf of Care Quality Commission (CQC) and authorised employees of statutory authorities.

All Rangeford Care employees are given training in confidentiality and are aware of when it is appropriate to share information.

Personal data

Clients have the right to see personal data which we hold about them on computers or paper records.

Personal confidences

Any personal confidences a client shares with a PA will be treated with respect, ensuring that privacy and dignity are maintained.

Breaches of confidentiality

All Rangeford employees are given training in confidentiality and are aware of when it is appropriate to share information. Breaches of confidentiality are dealt with under our disciplinary procedure.

Personal care

At Rangeford, clients are treated with respect, dignity is preserved at all times and the right to privacy is always observed.

When we provide care to people living in their own homes, it is with the aim of enabling them to sustain and, where possible, improve their independence. Clients will be involved in decisions relating to their care and will be assisted and encouraged to be involved in their care activities.

Personal care plan

Client care needs, wishes, preferences and personal goals are recorded in the PCP.

A PCP is developed and agreed with the client, taking into account the care needs assessment and other factors such as mobility, risk, health and safety. The plan will take into account the client’s service wishes and preferences in relation to the way in which care is provided and their chosen lifestyle.

The PCP sets out in detail what the PA must do to meet a client’s assessed needs, including specialist needs and communication requirements. We will always seek to enable you to maximise and maintain your independence. 

The PCP will be signed by us and you and will be available in the language and format to suit you. You will be provided with a copy of the plan which will be updated on each visit.

Privacy and dignity

Clients will be treated with respect and dignity, and their right to privacy maintained.

Personal care and support is provided in a way which maintains and respects the client’s privacy and dignity and with due regard to their lifestyle.

What clients can expect from us

When we provide care to people living in their own homes, it is with the aim of enabling them to sustain and , where possible, improve their independence. You will always be involved in decisions relating to your care and will be assisted and encouraged to be involved in care activities. Personal care and support will be provided in a way which maintains your privacy, choice and dignity.

  • The PA will arrive at your home at the time agreed and will stay for the full amount of time required. We will never rush or hurry you. We do not operate a system of fixed visit durations - we will arrive at the agreed time and undertake the tasks required - your care package will be based on the tasks you want help with each week not on a traditional model of a fixed number of hour thus ensuring you receive a quality responsive service.
  • We will aim to use the same PA or Pas to visit you whenever possible.
  • Upon arrival, the PA will ask whether you have any particular or additional personal care needs or requirements on that visit.
  • We will provide a flexible, consistent and reliable service.


Contract terms and conditions

We will provide you with a written contract in advance of the commencement of our service.

The written contract will be signed by you (or a name representative on your behalf) and the Care Manager. You will retain a copy and we will keep a further copy on your personal file. The contract, together with this 'Guide to Our Services' will comprise the terms and conditions on which our service is provided.

Autonomy and independence

You will be assisted to make your own decisions and control your own life and be supported in maintaining independence.

We will enable clients to make decisions in relation to their own life and we will provide information, assistance and support where needed.

You will be encouraged, enabled and empowered to control your own finances unless prevented from doing so by mental incapacity or disability.

PAs will carry out tasks in a way which maximizes your independence. You will be supported to take risks, as set out in your Personal Care Plan, having due regard to Health and Safety.

You will be kept fully informed about the service they receive and will be provided with information in an appropriate format.


Medication and Records

Our policies and procedures on medication and health related activities aim to protect clients and ensure staff are appropriately skilled.

Your health, rights and best interests are safeguarded by maintaining a record of key events and activities undertaken in the home in relation to the provision of personal care.

Assisting with medication

PAs may only provide assistance with taking medication in accordance with your Personal Care Plan.


Whenever a PA assists with medication in the client’s home, they will place a record in the medication administration record immediately after the medication is administered.

You will be informed about what is written and you and your family/representatives will have access to the records. Records will be factual and will be signed and dated. The records will be removed on a regular basis and transferred to your personal file and held securely in the Rangeford Care office.


At Rangeford Care we have systems and procedures in place to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety legislation and comprehensive policies and procedures for health and safety management, to protect you and our staff.

Our PAs undertake Health and Safety training as part of their induction and they attend refresher training on an annual basis. 

Our PAs are also instructed on dealing with accidents and emergencies and know how to report such incidents. They are provided with personal protective equipment as requirement.

Risk assessment

The risk of accidents and harm happening to you or our staff in the provision of personal care. We are committed to maintaining health and safety from any accidents or incidents that may occur.

A risk assessment will be undertaken by a trained and qualified member of staff prior to the commencement of our service to you.

The risk assessment will include an assessment of risks for the client in maintaining independence and living in their own home. Your views and those of your family/representatives will always be taken into account.

A separate moving and handling risk assessment will be undertaken if PAs are required to help with any manual handling task, such as assisting the client in the shower or helping them to get out of bed.

Any equipment should be in a safe condition to use and inspections by the manufacturer should be up to date. We can provide you with advice and help to do this if required.

Financial protection

Clients money and property is protected at all times whilst we are providing the care or any other service.

Money and gifts

We can arrange to collect pensions, pay bills and do shopping. Any transactions will be recorded in the financial transactions log in the PCP file and receipts will be provided for the client to keep.

On occasion, clients may wish to express thanks to their PA by making a gift. We feel it is important to maintain a professional service and do not allow our PAs to accept gifts or money other than token ones eg. small box of chocolates.

PAs are not allowed to accept bequests in wills; nor are they allowed to act as witnesses to wills or other legal documents.

Client’s property

Our PAs are not allowed to lend money or property to clients, nor are they allowed to borrow or buy property from them, or look after goods belonging to them.

Client protection

Clients are protected from abuse, neglect and self harm.

Clients are safeguarded from any form of abuse or exploitation including physical, financial, psychological, sexual, neglect, discriminatory or self-harm, inhuman or degrading treatment through deliberate intent, negligence or ignorance, in accordance with our written policies and procedures. Our PAs receive training on protection of vulnerable adults and prevention of abuse.

Security of client’s home

Clients are protected and are safe and secure in their home PAs ensure the safety of clients and their home at all times when providing personal care.

Access to client’s home

PAs must not take unauthorised people or pets into a client’s home, or admit anyone without checking their identity and receiving permission.

All PAs are issued with identity badges, bearing their photograph and an expiry date. They are required to be carried/worn at all times and shown when entering a home, or whenever asked for identification. Do not be afraid to ask to see the badge.

Safe keeping of keys and codes

If client’s are unable to let their PA into their home, it may be appropriate to have a key safe fitted or to give a key to Rangeford Care to hold. This will allow the PA let themselves in.

The clients keycode will be kept confidential and only PAs who need to know the code will have access to it. If we hold keys for the client we will enter into a written agreement with them before accepting the key.

No response

If the PA arrives at the allotted time and is unable to get access to the property, they will telephone the client’s next of kin or let themselves into the property if this arrangement has been formally agreed in writing with the client.

Security at home

When the PA leaves, they will ensure that windows and outer doors are secured, unless the client requests otherwise.

Damages and breakages

PAs will always, whilst providing care or other services, treat property and possessions with respect. However, on occasions, accidental damage and breakages can occur. Rangeford Care accepts no liability or responsibility for this type of damage. We would recommend that claims should be processed through the client’s own home insurance.